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BengalLegacy will always place our cubs physical and psychological requirements first, welcome to one of our kitten rooms, all of our kittens are born and raised in our children's bedrooms, we have found this the best way to integrate them from birth with normal house sounds, noises children make so that families who have children do not have to worry about how their Bengal will react once home as all of our Bengals are extremely friendly, sociable and confident. seeing is believing!


Hi, my name is Alberto and my partner's name is Rocio we are both Vets, and I just have to say that our experience with Bengal Legacy as a breeder and as a person was absolutely awesome, if I had to put a number it will be 10/10.   As a Vet I can say that she does everything perfectly, she has the kittens and the parents in astonishing conditions.  I was very pleased to see a breeder that has a perfect parasite control plan, she follows all the rules and has a huge heart for the animals that she has.  We got a handsome male Bengal kitten called Rain (Baloo when he came to his home). And we get all the help that we want and more to know about the breed and the particularities that they have.   Another remarkable thing is, if you need help or have any doubt after have your kitten Bengal Legacy is always available to help by phone, or in person. It is very nice to keep in touch with her because she loves to see how they grow in their new homes and how happy they are.   In the future if I want to have another pet I will go to see Bengal Legacy I promise that!  If it will be a Bengal, it would be one of hers and if it will be another breed I would go to a breeder that she recommends to me.   I can only say perfect things of this big family of which I now feel a member of.  

This is our lovely BALOO.


Left to Right, Kobe, Neo and Lexi.
We have had 3 beautiful Bengals from Jade, and they are STUNNING in every sense of the word.

I have never had any pets before but the 3 Bengals I have now are my world. (Weird for a bloke to say, I know)
This comes down to the amazing job that has been done and continues to be done by Jade.

They are all treated as her own, the care and love that each kitten/cat receives is very very obvious through the videos on Instagram and the physical interactions between Jade and the kittens which were clear to see when we collected our kittens a few weeks ago.

The aftercare has been superb also. My partner has been speaking with Jade more so than I but even still the advice and support has been incredible and replies are almost instant.

There is only one Bengal Breeder I will be recommending from now on. I can't see how anyone else can have such a special relationship with their kittens and show the type of love and care for them as Jade does.

Thank you for all your help and support. Most of my spare time is now spent with my 3 babies which is time better spent than in front of the TV! 😁

I'm sure we will be back again to make another addition to our Bengal family.
Mohammed, Oxford.