"To me, you are purr-fect".

            BengalLegacy's Planned Litters                                               2021

                                                     Kittens expected.
Kittens will be available for Registered Breeders who practice ESN, and Pet families, in the UK and internationally. 

Please note we are not currently selling Active breeding kittens to new breeders. 

Please enquire for further information.

100% Silver litter 1.

EDD: 10th May 2021. 

Breeders genetic information:  All kittens will be carriers of Lynx (cs).
Silver kittens will be I /i (one copy of silver inhibitor gene), OR I/I (two copies of the silver inhibitor gene, pure of silver).

25% Apb/Apb.
25% Apb/A
25% Apb/a (silver charcoal).
25% A/a. 




Snow Mink & Silver Snow Mink & Silver.

EDD: 25th May 2021.

Breeders genetic information: Carriers of ( Lynx cs), or Sepia (cb). 
Any Silver kittens or Silver Snow kittens will be silver I/i (one copy of the inhibitor gene).
50% Apb/A.
50% A/a.


100% Silver Litter 2.

EDD: 15th May 2021.

Breeders genetic information: Only 25% will carry Sepia (cb), so mostly non snow carriers.
All silver kittens expected, all will carry one copy of the Silver inhibitor gene (I/i).

50% Apb/Apb. ( Please note I will be keeping a girl who is (Apb/Apb).
50% Apb/a (Silver charcoal). 

Many thanks 

Planned marriages for 2021


BengalLegacy Dark Obsession & GriffesDeFeu Ramses.

I was asked by a close friend, who was I most excited about mating this year, I replied my YingYang! Black on White, both cats make my heart race with excitement and wonder. 

We will update once mating has began! 


BengalLegacy Dark Enigma & GriffesDeFeu Ramses.

Again another spectacular mating to come, enigma has askari, Daenerys and imos all locked in to her, she is also carrying Sepia, this put to Ramses who's type pedigree is outstanding will be breath taking!


BengalLegacy Orchid Reign & GriffesDeFeu Ramses.

Orchid has produced some amazing keeper girls for me, WildSky & RainDance being two of them.
This year we are seeing what Ramses will do with my Silver keeper girls, Orchid also carries Sepia so we can expect some seal mink babies. 

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