This section of our website is to form a list of people/families who do not have any cats, that may be interested in offering a forever palace to one of our retired royal Kings and Queens.

We ask that you do understand that the Bengal cat is a different breed of cat altogether. That you do not have any other cats, nor do you plan on getting anymore in the future.
We ask this because our kings and Queens have been breeding cats therefore will have felt the need to be territorial during their adult life, and most likely not get along with another cat.
Most of our retired cats are under the age of 3, rarely they are older than this, this is because, yes they were our breeding cats and have all played vital roles in BengalLegacy's program BUT they still deserve that quality lifetime spent with a human to be spoiled rotten forever.

We do ask for a £50 non refundable deposit for our upcoming retired Bengals. You will have a form to fill out and a small contract to ensure his/her safety. 

Below you will find photos and details of any BengalLegacy retired Kings/Queens and their own individual needs and requirements.

If you see one you think would be right for you, please send us a message,
We do ask for a small donation of £300 for our retired Queens/kings and this is to make sure they go to responsible homes that can also afford the upkeep and needs.

All of our retired BengalLegacy cats come chipped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, full parasitic protocols (flea/worm), Health check/screened and are TICA registered with a pedigree.

Our current retired Queens have now been homed.

We will be retiring Aria a seal Mink Girl who is incredibly loving and affectionate, spay will take place roughly end of February, she can leave us 10 days after her spay and post op check


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