A page dedicated to your Bengals Needs! 

So you have read the advise booklet and are now preparing for your new bundle of joy, yet cannot help but wonder if you have everything physically prepared for your new Bengal kittens needs?
Here we have designed a quick link page for your convenience, now all you have to do is go shopping! 

Dry Food Link....
After trying and testing out multiple dry foods with our Bengals, we have found Applaws kitten to be the ONLY dry food that suits their sensitive digestive systems.

Wet Food Link....
We have chosen to stop weaning our kittens on to RAW, we have not decided this lightly. We have had issue with digestive upset with raw and younger kittens  (our adults still have a raw food diet). 
We have made the decision to wean our kittens on to a combination of Applaws kitten dry & Porta21 Pure Chicken wet food, Natures Menu Kitten Pouches also works well.
All three are grain free and we haven't experienced any digestive upset.

We ask you only use the Applaws dry kitten as your dry food choice.

From experience the kittens love both forms of wet food, Natures Menu seems to be easier to get in stock, but the Porta21 will always win for being their favourite, and can convince even the fussiest of eaters to loose their minds, it smells amazing!

Here is the links for Porta21, please select the option (Pure Chicken). And the Natures Menu Kitten Pouches.

The only Litter Tray I will ever suggest...
Wooden pellet litter for the above tray system...

      Interactive Toys

Water Fountains try to get either stainless steel or ceramic ones, these will prevent feline acne...

Cat trees strong enough to hold a Bengal fully grown..

Cat Carrier We recommend you getting a strong solid carrier, not a flimsy fabric carrier due to the strength and size that a Bengal cat can grow to, this will save you money in the long run!