Future Queens of Bengal Legacy


BengalLegacy Starlite Daernerys

Colour: Seal Silver Sepia.
Eye colour: Green.

Pkdef: Normal (parents).

pra/b: normal (parents).

Fiv/felv: Normal.
HCM: Normal.
D.O.B: 08/03/2019
Dam: BengalLegacy Aria.
Sire: Askari of BengalLegacy.

Likes: Lots of play time, food and cuddles, she is the perfect balance of a Bengal Queen. There is no denying it, she is my love and holds my heart, a true snow leopard within BengalLegacy. 
Daenerys is our home bred girl who we adore very much her next breeding will be to Ramses Autumn 2021, we believe this pairing will be phenomenal.


Name: BellatorBengals Gamora Zen of BengalLegacy.
Colour: Seal Solid Snow Lynx.
Eye colour: Sky Blue.
Pkdef: NORMAL.
Pra/b: NORMAL.
Fiv/Felv: NORMAL

D.O.B 23/06/2019.
Sire: Elysor Pasha of BellatorBengals.
Dam: BlueLagoon Noir of BellatorBengals.

Temperament: Where do I even start with this little princess, shes a diva, a naughty chunky joy to have in our lives, she drives me around the bend but owns the most personality I have ever come across! Life honestly wouldn't be the same with out our new baby Gamora Zen!
People ask us why does Gamora look Siamese? Well the answer is, when we breed Bengals to achieve a wide range of colours we include a colour called Siamese (snow lynx) colour point, Gamora is  'solid' version of this, so  she's only got full Siamese colouring.



Name: GarraDeKato Iced Legacy.
D.O.B: 19/01/2020.
Colour: Seal Lynx Point.
Genetics: Apb/A cs/cs.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Sire: GarraDeKato Mondern.
Dam: AmerberSands Alma of GarraDeKato.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
HCM: Normal.
Fiv/Felv: Negative.

Iced Legacy is a fun loving girl with a huge personality, she is always making our family laugh, loves to be the focus of attention. I cannot thank Irina enough for not only allowing us IMOS but also two of her very special girls.
Iced Legacy has a fantastic pedigree  from GarraDeKato Modern, Amber Sands, and Silver Storm Barnaby.

Legacy has delivered the most beautiful litter of Bengals full of type, i am so excited about these!



Name: GarraDeKato Blue Simone,
D.O.B: 07/02/2020
Colour: Brown Black Charcoal.
Genetics: Apb/Apb, cb (sepia carrier).
Eye Colour: Gold.
Sire: SolRoyals Tamerlan of GarraDeKato.
Dam: GarraDeKato Amberly.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Fiv/felv: Negative.
HCM: Normal.


Blue Simone is one of two special Queens I have imported from Irina in Russia, she came with iced Legacy above.
Simone is a strong independent Queen that is sooo laid back, very playful and affectionate. Typically true to the Bengal breed she will howl like a banshee until she gets what she desires! Simone has truly settled in so easily it is as if she's always been here, but I expect nothing less from a GarraDeKato Bengal Cat!


Name: Principessa Chanel.
D.O.B 20/04/2019.
Colour: Brown Black Rosetted.
Genetics: A/A, carrier cs (lynx) & D/d ( blue).
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Sire: Spartacus Schelwood
Dam: OasisBengals Vita.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal
Fiv/Felv: Normal.
HCM: due to be screened after Lockdown. 

Chanel is a beautiful big rosetted Queen that came to us all the was from Poland!
She has a wonderful temperament, fabulous contrasted rosetting that stands out  from miles away.

We are hoping to breed Chanel to our Bellator Black Prince to produce our first Blue Bengals in 2021.



Obsessions pedigree for website.png

Name: BengalLegacy DarkObsession
D.O.B: 01/05/2020
Colour: Black (Silver) Smoke 
Genetics: a/a ( will test for snow sepia)
Eye Colour: Brown
Sire: GarraDeKato IMOS BLUES
Dam: BengalLegacy Alaska
Pkdef: Normal
Pra/b: Normal
Fiv/Felv: Normal
HCM: Due May 2021

Obsession is a keeper girl
Obsession is our home bred keeper girl, she was my very first Silver Smoke born and uniquely special to us. I love her chunky structure, length, strong chin, puffy whisker pads and tail thickness, i feel she has beautiful contrast for a smoke and I am hoping this is because she will be Homozygous Silver, we will breed Obsession to Kanpur CloudJumper in 2021 and test the theory of what Silver she is, I will update then.

obsession 2.jpg
obsession 1.jpg

Name: JustWild FrozenForest. 
Sire: GurruDollarBen.
Dam: JustWild Marilyn.
DOB: 30/08/2020.
Colour: Seal Silver Lynx.
Genetics: cs/cs, A/A.
Eye colour: Blue.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Fiv/Felv: Normal.
HCM: Due August 2021. 



We would like to thank Sarah for entrusting us with this fantastic girl, I respect her program immensely. Forest has the most beautiful temperament, sweet and gentle, playful with our children and has settled as a part of the family very quickly!
Forest has great type, back skull, wide nose bridge and huge nocturnal eyes with wonderful boning, stunning spotted legs/paws, great ear placement.

We are overjoyed Forest is with us and apart of BengalLegacyCats future.

Our current plans for Forest will be to Ramses Summer 2021.


BengalLegacy Wild Sky.
Colour: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.
Sire: GarraDeKato IMOS Blues.
Dam: BengalLegacy Orchid Reign.
Eye colour: Hazel.
Genetics: A/a, does not carry snow.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
HCM: Due in July 2021.

Wild Sky is a keeper girl from last year, a dear friend of mine ordered me to hold on to her and I am so happy I did! She will be hopefully bred to Ramses this summer 2021.


wilsky web.jpg

WowBengals Paradise Ivy.
Sire: GoldenLeopard Oskar.
Dam: WowBengals TheBestOrNothing.
Colour: Brown Black Spotted Tabby.
Eye colour: Green.
Genetics: A/A not a snow carrier.

Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
HCM: Due in June.

Ivy came to us from Monique in the Netherlands, she is a sweet natured girl with a beautiful horizontal flow to her rosetting, nice puffy whisker pads.

Breeding plans 2021 will be to Kanpur CloudJumper.


ivy 14.jpg

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Winter Wonder Land.
Sire: Askari.
Dam: JadeysJungle Indey.
Colour: Seal Silver Mink.
Eye Colour: green.
Genetics: A/a, cs/cb.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Felv: Normal.
HCM: Due June 2021.

Winter is  a keeper girl from last year and from Indey's last litter, I wanted to capture Indey's line mixed with Askari's and it was a success. 
Winter captured the hearts of fans of our FaceBook page on her live videos, we knew she was special, but she has exceeded our expectations as a Young Queen. 
Mating Plans this year are expected to be with Maximus or Matrix  we haven't yet decided.


BengalLegacy Orchid Reign.
Sire: Askari.
Dam: MurkstonBengals LadyStorm.
Colour: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.
Eye Colour: Green.

Genetics: A/a Sepia carrier.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Felv: Normal.
HCM: Normal.

Orchid is a keeper girl for our Silver program, we initially wanted to breed her to another Silver then keep the best girl. We loved the pairing so much we repeated the mating and got River Dance, Orchids next pairing will be to Ramses!

I adore Orchids wild expression, she leaves me feeling as if i am sat with a leopard, whilst in her presence. She is as soft as cotton and has never been aggressive, she is such a special girl here at BengalLegacyCats. 



BengalLegacy River Dance.
Sire: GarraDeKato IMOS Blues.
Damn: BengalLegacy Orchid Reign.
Colour: Black Silver Spotted Tabby.
Genetics: Apb/A. 
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Pkdef: Normal.
Pra/b: Normal.
Felv: Normal.
HCM: At 12 months old.

We kept River Dance for her exceptional contrast as a silver, the Apb has given her such inky black rosetting which we love. 
I love her profile and can see her becoming just like her big sister WildSky. 

We will upload her pedigree soon, for now we are just enjoying her growing up. 


BengalLegacy Ocean Eyes.
Sire: SoRoyals Maximus The Great.
Dam: Bellator Gamora Zen.
Colour: Seal Lynx Charcoal.
Genetics: Apb/a (cs/cs).
Eye colour: Blue.
Pkdef: Normal.

Pra/b: Normal.
Felv: Normal.
HCM: Due Feb 2022.

Ocean Eyes is a home bred keeper girl who we instantly fell in love with, we wanted a big strong structured girl, with beautiful contrasted rosetting, and a lovely thick tail. 



Name: BengalLegacy Dark Enigma
Sire: GarraDeKato IMOS BLUES.
Dam: BengalLegacy Daenerys.
Colour: Silver charcoal.
Genetics: Apb/a, cb.
Pkdef: Normal (parents).
Pra/b: Normal (parents).
Felv: Normal.

Enigma is a home bred keeper girl from 2020, she has everything I wanted in a silver charcoal queen for my future silver program, from her huge whisker pads, thick short to medium tail, nice ear placement and size, not a speck of tarnish on her, and those ALC nocturnal eyes that make me fall in love daily. 
She has great lines, her mother won second best kitten 2020 Eastern Europe. Her father our Russian import IMOS has incredible structure and type. Her temperament is one I cannot fault anywhere, she is ridiculously loving and affectionate, will drool from just having cuddles, she is a beautiful combination of her mother and father and grand fathers Askari & Pride of Russia Boogie-woogie, all wrapped up in one amazing girl. 

Breeding plans: 2021 to DesGriffesDeFeu Ramses!