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Environmental Enrichment For The Welfare of Your Cat During Isolation.

Meet Matrix, he is currently in isolation due to under going a minor operation. My wonderful Vet has asked he remain in isolation for two weeks for a full recovery! Felines typically will not show symptoms of pain and it can go un noticed. Due to this and him being a speedy Bengal, isolation will provide him with the perfect environment he needs to rest and recuperate. With that being said, what about the mental stimulation and richness Matrix will also require? I am sure all of us would agree, staring at four walls all day and night isn't exactly stimulate our brains. So my children came up with some ideas for how we can keep Matrix rested yet happy! Along side his scratching post and toys in his isolation area, we have also used Feather or toy teasers through the door, this allows Matrix to exhibit gentle chasing and hunting skills he would naturally do outside of isolation. When we cannot do this the children decided to give Matrix their Tablet to watch stimulating videos on, the cat videos show all different naturally stimulating visuals and sounds. This has made Matrix's stay in Isolation a lot easier on him and us. We hope you enjoy the video! All our love BengalLegacyCats.

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