Cat Shows 2021.....

BengalLegacy will be showing throughout 2021, London Cats have kindly put on many shows for us this year. Showing our breeding cats is so important, we need our cats to be judged, knowing we are breeding the best we can, is invaluable, it will allow us to always improve the breed standard, without showing this it would be impossible to know and fully understand what a Bengal Cat should be like.

After such a difficult 2020-2021 for everyone with Covid19 bringing a standstill to the world, they have fought endlessly to make sure us in the cat fancy can get back to doing what we love, cat shows!
Here is the direct link to London Cats website where you can purchase live tickets to view the shows as they happen, from the comfort of your own home. Also join their Face Book Page for updates as they happen.

London Cats Website: 

Our First Show! 2018

Indey, our eight-month old Bengal kitten, really made us proud at the Spoticat December 2018 Show at Coventry England.


Due to Indey only being eight-months old, my biggest fear was how she would conduct herself in public. 

Thankfully, she behaved beautifully, and I couldn't help but feel so grateful to my children for all the extra hours we as a family have spent socialising all of our kittens- it really does pay off!

I was stunned and in shock when Indey received 'Best of Breed' and 'Best of Colour', I truly couldn't believe we were able to be finalists at our first show.


Showing for 2019.......


Keeper girl BengalLegacy Daernerys..

Sire: Askari of BengalLegacy (Silver solid Mink).

Dam:BengalLegacy Ariya (Seal Mink).

Colour: Silver Seal Sepia.

Update on how BengalLegacy Daenerys did for her 1st show, London Cats Stoke-on-trent, Day 1:

She managed to Final 4 rings out of 5 for, 'Best of Breed', 'Best of Colour' and 'Best of Division'.

In the final 'ALL BREED' rings where all kittens  varying from Sphinx to Maincoon, (usually 25 kittens) compete against each other, she placed 10th, 8th, 6th and 5th.

She was still her usual cheeky self, a little worn out by all of the excitement. She made me so proud, I cannot believe how successful she has been for her first show.

 I want to take this opportunity to seriously express my love and gratitude for every single one of you who have publicly and privately supported, encouraged and motivated me to keep going with my programme and to believe in me as a breeder, in order to improve the breed standard. 

UPDATE: After day 2 of the show Daenerys ended up achieving a total of 7 finals and just over 1500 points in a single show, I'm in shock.

Its been an amazing experience, I've met so many wonderful people, members of the public were asking to see her as she looks so different (not a typical Bengal pattern), I was worried about her pattern because it's not typical show standard BUT it actually worked in her favour, forever grateful to LondonCats and Friends Steven Meserve and TICA for allowing this to happen! 


Showing for 2021 will be updating soon.....