CatVenience is an amazing cat courier service who offer extremely affordable prices and have a  5 star rating!
Fully Insured, and Licenced.

This is the courier service we recommend you to book, as they have built a wonderful level of trust and respect with us at Bengal Legacy, and they also only offer Single journeys, which means there is zero risk of cross contamination for you baby, whereas other couriers will have a planned route delivering and collecting other cats along the way, this can place your cat/kittens health at risk and is NOT something we will do.
CatVenience is also highly educated with this breed of needs and requirements.

He will deliver you new Bengal safe , sound and warm, traveling in comfort and style, Your new babies carrier is included in our price (we pay for your kittens carrier) when using CatVenience TransPawt, we do this to reduce any chances of cross contamination. 

When they deliver they will not only hand you your Bengal, but anything we have also sent with them. 
You will be asked to carry out a basic health check of your kitten/s upon arrival and you will be asked to sign the declaration, we are given a copy of this for our records.

CONTACT- 07833471018


Email: catveniencetranspawt@outlook.com