Bengal Kittens for Sale in Birmingham
Bengal Cat Breeder in the UK

Our Bengal Kittens will be available throughout the year.
Our Bengal kittens are in high demand and we almost always have a waiting list, especially for certain colours or genetics.
Positions on the waiting list will vary according to what colour/type of Bengal you are wishing for.

Available kittens will be displayed below under 'Available Kittens'.

We have two types of waiting lists, we have a priority waiting list for those who feel they are 100% wanting a kitten from us, this list requires a £250 deposit, this guarantees you a kitten and your place on the priority list.

We also offer a non priority waiting list which is free, the Priority waiting list will always be offered kittens first, in a first come first place basis.

We offer these to help filter through those who genuinely want a Bengal kitten and those who are time wasting.

International shipping is available, for breeding/showing rights or a luxury pet.

We also offer a UK cat transport service, using a fully licenced and insured Courier called CatVenience TransPawt.
Mr Thomas is incredibly knowledgeable and is always reliable. 

Our kittens who are
sold as Pets Only will be leaving for their UK homes at 13-14 weeks of age after being spayed or castrated first (no exceptions).
Kittens who need to be internationally exported will leave us around 16 -18 weeks old, depending on your location. this is due to needing a rabies vaccine and a passport.
pet prices range from £1400-£1800. 
Active breeding kittens who will only be sold to registered & Licenced breeders, who have signed code of ethics and who practice ESN (early spay/neuter) for all pet sales, range from £2000-£3500.
The Price of each individual kitten is decided on many factors such as, colour, coat texture, pattern, contrast, how close this kitten is to breeding/show standard, and Imported lines.

All of our Bengal kittens leave us with the following:

  • A full course of vaccinations to protect them from life-threatening viruses. 

*Full parasitic treatment from 3 weeks of age up until the day they leave us, so that there is not much else for you to do, except fall in love with your new baby.


*Five weeks free insurance.

*Three vet health checks to ensure your kitten is at optimal health. 

*Neutered/Spayed (for pets only).

*Full vet history will be given to you, nothing is ever hidden from you.

*Pedigree and TICA registration document

And as always a life time of help and support when you need it, we will inform you of your kittens dietary requirements, if for any reason you need some food to start off with we are happy to supply this for you.



  • We will keep you updated with videos and photos of your chosen kitten/s every 14 days. Sometimes it is more often than this, but we do need to put all of our Bengals requirements first, being Licenced breeders means a lot more paperwork, also remember this is our home and daily life which ensures your baby will be the most confident, healthy and happy Bengal around, and to us this is a biggest priority. 


  • During the current situation with Covid19 and the increasing amount of animal theft we cannot allow viewings in person.


    All sales can still go ahead, unfortunately we cannot allow viewings person, we are able to do this through videos and photos online and on WhatsApp. We can also offer pre booked video consultations for those of you who would like this first for reassurance and education purposes, please have all questions written down prior to the booked video appointment, so that you can leave feeling confident in making your decision.

    All collections will be held on our drive, and our courier service will also be an option, we can organise this for you, it is the current safest way to still get your Bengal kitten/cat to you without placing yourselves and others at risk, our courier is fully licensed and insured, they do not enter your home at all, the full break down of health checks upon delivery and full instructions will be emailed to you so please just ask, all  sanitisation measures will be provided by us. We fully understand this can be off putting but due to the current circumstances and having two high risk children, we have no other choice.


  • All our love & please stay safe

  • BengalLegacyCats x


BEFORE making an enquiry with BengalLegacyCats, please read through this page...'Bengal Kittens For Sale'.
This has all the information you require on. We are receiving a large number of enquires, which we are always grateful for, we just need you guys to read through the basic information first, that will save a lot of time and we can then get to the FUN part, of choosing you a Bengal kitten!  Love BengalLegacyCats xxx

Please note we are not currently selling Active breeding kittens to new breeders or breeders in England who are not licenced to breed by their local city council with an Animals Activity Licence, this is now a legal requirement for England for anyone selling animals. 

We are so excited to announce we have had the birth of our very first Blue Bengals, both blue kittens will be staying with us at BengalLegacy to further aid our blue program, the stunning Brown Black Rosetted Bengal kittens will be offered as Luxury neutered pets only.

For any enquiries to availability for the Brown rosetted kittens, please send us a contact form, include a little about yourself and what you know about this breed of cat.
The kittens will be offered placing at 21 days old and to anyone waiting on our priority waiting list first.


Silver litters 1 & 2 have arrived and they did not disappoint.
Silver boys all with zero Tarnish, 1 girl may become available on the active register or as a special pet, phenomenal markings and type, the contrast is by far the best we have ever produced in Silvers, to say I am proud is an understatement! 
All kittens are Males, and either: Apb/a, Apb/Apb, with just one Silver Smoke male.

For further information please feel comfortable to contact us directly on WhatsApp +44 07502382930.

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Please CLICK THE LINKS BELOW for Some examples of what colours we breed and are available at BengalLegacyCats... 
Please contact us for availability 

For our future expected litters click here
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